fastest, most retention, most reliable of any usenet provider. member for several years now, couldn't drag me away from giganews, offers the most for the least cost.

Mike - Hopkinsville, Kentucky

I have been a member of giganews for around 5 years now. Hands down the best service out of the 5-6 of major players I have tried.

Kevin - Coon Rapids, Minnessota

I've been a GigaNews subscriber for over a decade and I have always been happy with this exceptional product and the even better service backing it up. Fast downloads, awe-inspiring retention are only the beginning!

Charles - Mays Landing, New Jersey

The Giganews service is by FAR the most reliable, most effective, and with out a doubt the fastest service around. The others just try, in vain, to mimic Giganews. I have been a customer for years and that will never change as long as their service remains this consistent and evolutionary. My hat goes off to you, my friends at Giganews. All I can say is thank you and I count it a privilege to send you money each month. Cheers!

Zachariah - Cortland, Ohio

I think you provide the very best service one can expect. I have been a member (Diamond) since 2004 and I can't recall even one time where I could not access your service. Keep up the good work!!

Peter - Tranbjerg J, Denmark

I am member the last 6 years. Fast network, large retention, responsibility and satisfaction for the customer.You will everything you need. I have recommend it on 5 or 10 people and I will continue as it's the best provider i have seen for usenet, and believe me I have see much of them.

Christofer - Athens, Greece

Starting with newsgroups in 2009 the way in with Giganews was fast, easy and with good welcoming offerings. Since joined there has been no problems, and my account is easy to manage. The monthly payment run as it should. Offering of secure service is also plus. As a good service should work. Keep up the good work. No doubt that becoming a Diamond member payed off.

Sigbjorn - Bergen, Norway

You're the best because of the : -1000 Days retention -The Fastest Usenet in the World -The Best Service all in one ca offer a usenet service Always happy for the service since 5 years with you :) Thanks a lot, and continue

Delle-Case - Surgeres, France

I've been using Giganews since 2005 and its fast, secure and with great retention its worth every penny. I Salute you Giganews

Luke - Nottingham, United Kingdom

I'm a loyal member of giganews for years and years becuase: It's the best It's the fastest It's got the highest retention It's got great free additional features such as VyprVPN, Giganews Accelerator and Mimo It's the best value for money ..Giganews is just the best, and I look forward to staying a member for many more years to come!

Jack - Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom

I LOVE Giganews, because it's fast and reliable. I'm a diamond member since 2003 and never had any problems. Giganews is the most innovative Usenet provider on the planet.

Thomas - Berlin, Germany

- Super-long retentions - leader in Usenet. - Fastest speed, period. Will use top speed on any connection, even 100Mbps! - Reliable, been around for forever. - Mark (Been a Giganews member for 10+ years)

Mark - Bel Air, Maryland

I have used GigaNews for a while now (honestly, I've lost count how long I've been a member) By far the best service I've used in many years. Thanks for everything you do!!!

Brian - Beckley, West Virginia

We've been with Giganews for 11+ years and taking an honest look at other providers we're confident claiming that Giganews is the best provider in the world!

Eric - Sainte-Foy, Canada

Giganews is the best Provider. I've been using Giganews more than 4 Years, still nothing to complain. Highest rentention, Top-Speed, all Groups. With up to 50 Lines,SSL & VPN - What do you want more ?

Oliver - Langgöns, Germany

I've been a diamond member for over 6 years now, I can't think of a time you were offline, or speed wasn't maxed for me, or missing an article. It seems as you have never missed a usenet heartbeat, and you can't really argue with that kind of dedication and execution

Assaf - Haifa, Israel

Been with giganews for years, just because they are awsome. simple as that!

Gary - Ramsgate, United Kingdom

You guys have AWESOME, FAST and AMAZING network. Keep up the GREAT work. I have been a member for 2.5 years and NEVER had a single problem! Incredible!

Jonathan - Hanover Township, Pennsylvania

Giganews is hands down the best usenet service out there!!! I have used for many years and would never consider using any other service because all of the other service out there is just sub standard!!!

David - Huntsville, Alabama

After 5 years of being a member, I am looking forward to the next 5 years. Maybe then they will have 5 years of retention!

Mark - Burlingame, California

That Giganews is the only usenet service I've had consistently for all these years says a lot about how amazing their service has been. I've seen a lot of Usenet provides come and go since I started using newsgroups in 1997. Ever since I switched to Giganews, it's been amazing.

Chris - Glendale, California

Having been a member for almost 3 years and having sampled the other usenet providers in the past, i can, with confidence say that not only is Giganews the most premium provider, but more importantly, they have support that far surpasses any other company i know, even in unrelated fields.

Rahul - Mumbai, India

I love the security and reliability of Giganews. There are cheaper services but nothing comes close in terms of uptime, retention, service, support, security and quality to Giganews. Happy subscriber for over 2 years now!

Brandon - Madison, Wisconsin

I have been a giganews customer for many years now. There are multiple reasons: reliability, retention, speed, and options. I have recommended giganews to so many of my friends. In turn, they've recommended giganews to their friends as well. As long as I use newsgroups, I'll always use giganews. No other newsgroup service comes close to giganews. Thanks!

Anooj - Evans, Georgia

I have been a member for many years... I tried other newsreaders and NONE compare to the qualtiy, price, and speed of GIGANEWS! So you say I am biased? simply try them out for free.... You will never go back!

Julio - Vancouver, Canada

I've been a member for almost 11 years. The only thing I've done longer in that time period is being married (20 years) and my current job (14 years).%0D%0AI only stick with the good ones.

Mike - Elk Grove, California

I've been a Giganews account holder for over 5 years. I left for other services in that duration, but always kept coming back. It's not because of the awesome retention alone, it's also the wonderful and fast support service, the tools Giganews gives you and the availability. And the one thing that I can say after all these years about the price is that the prices haven't changed. The diamond package has been added and in a higher price, but the old platinum package still holds that 25$ price that I remember from all those years back. It's simply wonderful!

Ronen - Herzliya, Israel

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