You are the only usenet provider I know of to throw parties for their users. I aso dont have to pay extra for a VPN service which rocks. You guys are shiny ;-)

Ian - Augusta, Georgia

I came to Giganews after using many of the low end usenet providers which simply couldn't provide the service advertised. Giganews have never let me down with missing headers and have first class support to boot! With everything you get what you pay for and Giganews is worth every penny!

Andrew - Farnborough, United Kingdom

Giganews has the best quality of service, hands down! You definitely get what you pay for (I've tried many providers) and I am proud to be a Diamond subscriber.

Patrick - Muskegon, Michigan

Giganews is awesome! The speed is consistently fast and consistent with more of everything you need, retention, connections and SSL. Why would you go anywhere else and pay more for less! You need Giganews.

Gordon - Brampton, Canada

Every month that rolls by I get more and more features for the same price point. One of my bills that I don't regret paying every month.

Hunter - San Diego, California

My cousins using another provider that had a special price at the time of signup - well now he's paying the price with broken downloads. I'll stick with my giganews :)

Kara - Hood River, Oregon

The Giganews service and support have been outstanding. I made the mistake of going to a low end competitor for a very short while, but switched back after finding their service to be incomplete. Giganews has also added services like VPN and Mimo at no additional cost. I'll stay with Giganews.

David - Brampton, Canada

I've been using Usenet for a number of years, Giganews are head & shoulders above the competition. Excellent retention/completion, excellent customer support, little or no downtown. If this wasn't enough we now have a free VPN & a client included in the cost! Wow!

Colin - Glasgow, United Kingdom

With Giganews's current retention rate surpassing all others and going for the Big 1000, they are in a league all their own. Also providing Ipsec VPN security to Diamond members at no additional cost combined with the Mimo browser, it just doesn't get any better than that. Security is a big concern of mine and I am totally at ease knowing Giganews has my back! I'm able to find older articles on Giganews that no one else could possibly have stored on their servers. If you want maximum retention and security, then there is only one possible choice: Go Giganews or Go Home!

Frederick - Bangor, Pennsylvania

Giganews: a low cost service that never fails to provide all groups at top speed - no wonder we've already lasted five years together!

Lars - Kjopsvik, Norway

Fast speeds, good customer service (I had a problem and I was shocked on how fast you replied and resolved my problem) always updating the retention and adding services without affecting the price

Matthew - Verwood, United Kingdom

Giganews provides great service at a low price. Connection is reliable and always available.

Mark - Dacula, Georgia

It took me 4 tries, but I finally ended up with the best Usenet provider - Giganews! You guys have the best file retention, great prices, and access to a great variety of content. Plus, you recently added Mimo and VyperVPN - can't beat that. Thanks guys!

Aaron - Shawnee, Kansas

Simply put, Giganews has steadily innovated, bringing you higher quality at lower prices, to the point they are well beyond top notch.

Matthew - Boston, Massachusetts

Giganews has the most retention and reliability of any usenet. They have the best price for unlimited rates and benefits for being a Diamond member.

Yong - Valencia, California

10GB Monthly Transfer: $9.99 50GB Monthly Transfer: $14.99 Unlimited Monthly Transfer + VyprVPN + 1000 day retention: Priceless

David - El Paso, Texas

Fast connections, easy to use. Lots of extra's and competing prices. A package you need to get the best experience out of usenet!

Peter - Den Helder, Netherlands

best retention best service best price!

Jayde - Nottingham, United Kingdom

Fast and reliable. Well worth the price! 'Nuff said. :)

Denniver - Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

- low price for big performance - big security - i am happy german member

Udo - Neuruppin, Germany

Giganews is awesome for finding all the files I need whether they were posted yesterday or 3 years ago, and at a great price. Plus all the extra features like encryption and VyperVPN make transfers safe and private. Thanks Giganews!

Tyler - Charlotte, North Carolina

We seem to live in a world of data-caps, bait-and-switch schemes, excessively limited bandwidth, undue censorship, and network reliability issues. Giganews represents the exact opposite of all of those things!! It is a breath of fresh air--and for a reasonable price even.

Andrew - Lynnwood, Washington

I prefer Giganews not only due to its excellent retention, but they also have an good understanding of what their users needs are. I have a Diamond membership, and with that package all my usenet needs are met. You cant beat Giganews price to value ratio anywhere else.

Øvind - Kristiansand, Norway

Simply put, Giganews has the best retention and the best value out of anyone else! Giganews comes as close to perfection in terms of newsgroup service.

John - Stone Mountain, Georgia

Excellent service, long retention, premium value for the cost.

Earl - North Scituate, Rhode Island

Giganews has never let me down. The value for money is incredible.

Kevin - Swindon, United Kingdom

I love how you're always creating more value for my money. When I started with Diamond it was 20 connections. Now it's 50, SSL, VPN & client. Great job!

Christian - Horsens, Denmark

Value and consistency. You get a lot more than what you pay for here. Since I've joined its never failed I've upgraded to Diamond and never looked back!

Alfred - Mastic, New York

To put simply, Giganews is the best value/feature-for-money usenet on the market today. You guys rock.

Clément - Paris, France

I is not just about being good, it is about being better. There are plenty of low end Newservers out there, but year after year Giganews gets better, and offers more. I have wasted a lot of time trying to find better value for money.

Barry - Fig Tree Pocket, Australia

When you add all the items together 1000 days, VyprVPn, Mimo browser...its a steal

Setu - Jersey City, New Jersey

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